And I think the worst part is remembering the memories. Reliving the moment. Never being able to escape my own thoughts. Especially cause I don’t regret anything. And that’s what sucks about us humans. We suffer our own emotional distress and cry ourselves to sleep. With the whisper of hope in our ear. That will slowly begin to fade. As time passes. And nothing happens. As reality sets in.

I can’t help but feel empty. As if I’m missing a part of myself. It’s like I want to move on, I try to move on, but something seems to always make me hold back. I know I’m over you. I’m over the idea of ever having an us. But I can’t grasp onto the faintest part of reality that it can ever happen. And that’s what bothers me the most. Coming oh so close to having an us. And I don’t regret anything, although sometimes I regret ever meeting you. But I just hate knowing that a part of me feels this way, cause it’s not supposed to feel this way. It just isn’t appropriate for me to feel this way when you’re out there living life, moved on, no troubles and I still have times like these where I feel oblivious to a reality with no us. 

love me